Astro Array


1.When you reach LV 58, you can unlock the Astro Array system.

2.After activated, you can spend Copper or Ingots to gain Astro Array Card randomly.

3.Astro Array Card has different qualities including white, green, blue, purple, and orange. The higher the quality, the better stats you can gain.

4.The redundant cards can be refined into starsoul for Astro Array Card upgrade.




1. When you reach LV 68, you can unlock the Dipper system.

2. Aries can only equiped with the Astro Array Card of double stats .

3. When you reach LV68, you will have chances to get Astro Array Card by copper draw or supreme draw.

4. When you reach LV68, Holy Draw function will be unlocked. You will have more chances to get Astro Array Cardof purple or higher quality.

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