Demonslayer Journal

(This is the only dungeon where you can find the Mithril.)

Level limit: Lv. 30

1.       tap the event icon to enter the event site


2.       victory conditions: Keep alive in the scheduled time and kill all the monsters in the dungeon. If you die in the dungeon or the scheduled time is up you’ll fail (You cannot resurrect in the dungeon and continue your challenge).


3.       If you success you will win corresponding rewards, if you lose you won’t lose anything.


4.       Sweep: You may only sweep the stages that you have cleared. Before sweeping a stage, you must remove all the items from the Sweep Warehouse first.


5. While sweeping a dungeon, you will directly loot the items dropped by monsters. You can sweep dungeons even while you are offline. If you are Lv. 4 or above you can reduce the sweep waiting time to zero.

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