Fiend Sword City

1.       When entering the Fiend Sword City, you can unfold the Sword City panel through the Sword City Guide.


2.       Players can earn their own server's Sword City Construction.

3.       By completing a Clinic's Goal, you will increase Sword City Construction. By completing a quest of the Weapon Shop and the Armor Shop, you will increase Sword City Construction points. When the Construction Point is accumulated to a certain degree, Sword City Aura will be activated.

4.       With the Sword City Aura, your stats will be largely increased.


5.       Each player can claim rewards from Sword City once per day. The more individual Construction points in the previous week, the more daily rewards from the Sword City this week.

IMG 1986

6.       Players of the top 5 servers in the Sword City Construction ranking can claim benefits from the the corresponding NPCs

7.       The NPCs and the zones of the Fiend Sword City will be redistributed once every 7 days.

8.       When entering the Fiend Sword City, players can not gain EXP if this scene belongs to other server and world level is lower than the player’s level. When players return to their own server, EXP can be gained as usual.

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