Immortal War

Event Intro

Event time: Saturday 20:00-20:30 (GMT+8)

Level Limit: Lv.40

1.When the Chief has occupied the Immortaldom Flag for 15 minutes, the event will end.

2.If no guild has occupied the Immortaldom Flag for 15 minutes before the event ends, the guild that holds the flag when the event ends will win.

3.The members of the winning guild will receive great rewards, and the members of the other guilds will receive rewards as well.

4.All the players in the Immortaldom will continually receive EXP and Vitality.

5.In the rewarding area with high rewards, players will receive more EXP and Vitality.

6.Those who kill or assist in killing players of opposing guilds will receive additional Contribution.

7.The event will not start 3 days before the server opening.

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