Immortal Blade Wikia

Mantra System

The Mantra system will be activated once the 4 Kaimons reach 10-star

1.       Mantra Charms are required to train mantra. Training different gates will require different charms.

2.       Each gate links to a set of Nine-word Mantra. Each mantra adds one stat.

3.       After training all the mantra of a gate, the next gate will be opened automatically.

4.       After training all the mantra of a gate, Kaimon Hachimon's stats will be augmented.

5.       After a training attempt fails, the Mantra will be increased. When the Mantra reaches 100%, the next attempt will be guaranteed.

6.       You may use the "Quick Practice" option to automatically train the current mantra (When there are not enough materials, the deficient materials will be bought in the Store automatically) till you do not have enough Ingots or your attempt succeeds.