I was born with a pure and simple heart, with no idea of your betrayal. Why not just give an end to our relationship and go our separate ways from now on? Walking along the moat, I find myself in a low spirit sighing for a happy ending.

1.       To get married you need to find a heterosexual lover first.

2.       In order to get married, the two players must team up with each other and the man must be the team's leader.

3.       The man must carry Timeless Oath Signet, and the woman must carry Eternal Silk.

4.       The man should apply for the marriage from the Crescent Elder and choose the marriage ring. If the woman agrees, Ingots of the ring will be deducted from the man’s account. And the wedding could begin directly or within 3 days. You can invite all your friends to your wedding.

5.       The wedding is free but its level is based on the price of the marriage ring.

6.       For a day's first 5 tries of Liar's Dice, duel and Classic Matching, the couple's Affection will increase by 2 each time. When one side of the couple levels up, the Affection increases by 10. Using one Tie of Love increases the Affection by 10. Presenting the wife/husband with 1 flower increases the Affection by 1. Presenting flowers can increase Affection by a maximum of 2000 each day. When the affection bar is full, the couple both will get corresponding stats bonus.

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