Master & Prentice Edit

Take Master:

1.In order to take somebody as your master, you must reach LV 30. The apprenticeship ends when reaching LV 60 .

2.When you reach LV 45/50/55 and finish apprenticeship, you will receive one awesome pack respectively.

3.The apprentice will receive Apprenticeship points when completing a Daily Requirement quest or leveling up.

4.When finishing the apprenticeship, all Apprenticeship points will be exchanged for Earth Maps.

5.If you break off with your master, your Apprenticeship points will be reduced to 0.


Take Prentices:

1.In order to recruit a prentice, you must reach LV 42 and be amongst the top 100 in the CP ranking, and the CP must reach 18000.

2.When your prentice reaches LV 45/50/55 and finishes apprenticeship, you will receive a pack for each of the three levels.

3.If you break off with a prentice, you cannot recruit any more prentice for the day unless the prentice has been offline for 2 days.

4.You may tap an prentice's name to present them with Skill Boluses, helping them Attainedup faster.

5.When your prentice completes a Daily Requirement quest or levels up, you will earn Master Points.

6.Master Points can boost your Master Level, augmenting your stats dramatically.

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