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Equipment Reset

Reset Intro:

1.LV 40 equipment can be reset to gain a maximum of 4 stats, LV 50 equipment can gain 5 stats, and LV 60 equipment can gain 6 stats.

2.Offensive equipment can gain HP, Attack, Hit, Crit and Pierce stats.

3.When reset, defensive equipment may receive the stats of HP, Defense, Dodge, Tenacity and Damage Reduction.

4.You may use a Resetting Lock to lock a stat, forcing it to remain unchanged.

5.The more times spent in resetting, the more chance of getting a high grade.

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Gather Equipment Anima

1.Level 50+ equipment can gather anima.

2.It will cost Animastones to gather anima.

3.The equipment will level up 1 automatically after gathering sufficient anima.

4.After gathering anima, the effects may increase by 100% or even 400%.


Smelt Equipment

1.Smelting equipment can augment the equipment's stats dramatically and increase skill damage.

2.Skill Damage: the second class' active skills can deal true damage (ignoring enemy's Defense, Damage Reduction, Five Elements, etc) to enemies.

3.When smelting higher-quality equipment, the equipment's stats can be augmented and also skill damage can be increased.

4.Smelting equipment will cost Lavastones (Can be exchanged in the Nimble Pagoda). Not every attempt to smelt the equipment will succeed.

5.When all of your 12 equipped items have been smelted enough, the cooldown of your skills will be reduced.

6.In order to smelt equipment, you must reach LV 56. Only LV 30+ equipment can be smelted.

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