1.       Highlight Starhold in order.


2.       When highlighting the Starhold Map--Bone Venom Scorpion, the branch system of Protoss will be unlocked. You can slide leftwards and rightwards to switch and check the Starhold Map.

3.       When a Starhold Map is fully highlighted, you can fuse in the Protoss panel to augment stats dramatically. You can slide leftwards and rightwards to switch the Seven-star Protoss (Notes: To condense a Seven-mansion Protoss, fully highlight its Starhold first)


4.       Not every attempt to fuse will fail. You may spend Ingots to increase the chance to successfully fuse. Whenever increasing the Starhold's level by 7, 1 Protoss will be unlocked (the order to highlight the Starhold Map of different Protoss is different). Protoss' maximum LV is 49.

5.       When all seven-star Starholds have activated 3, 5 and 7 Protosses, the ambit bonuses of the Seven-mansion Fel-anima will be activated.

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