Vigor Dungeon Edit

1. Vigor Point Explanation

(1)Every player has maximal five Vigor Points;

(2)When you access Vigor Dungeon, it will cost you one Vigor Point;

(3)It will recover one Vigor Point every hour until your Vigor becomes full.

2. Vigor Dungeon

(1) Vigor Dungeon contains Copper Dungeon, Vitality Dungeon and Treasure Dungeon. You can choose the Dungeon by your demand.

(2)Click “Challenge” to access the dungeon and your mission is to kill all the monsters in 5 mins otherwise you will fail the dungeon.

(3)When you pass the dungeon, it will open the next one and give you a evaluation.

3.Reward Explanation

(1)Kill the monsters and you can claim the rewards directly;(You will have a chance to get rewards at Treasure Dungeon)

(2)Pass the dungeon and you will get passing rewards;

(3)Accumulate the stars and you can get Album Fragments as rewards.

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